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I'm a designer from the Bay Area.
This is my portfolio.

Outdoor Ad

Infographic: New York Skyscrapers

Infographic: New York Subway

Event Flier

Brochure, Flier, Postcard, & Leaflet

Event Poster

Infographic: European Marathons

Photo Editing: Erasing

Photo Editing: Retouching

Photo Editing: Color Correction

Infographic: Learn a New Language?

About Me

My employers often have stunning distinctions. I've been hired by...

1. Five graduates of the #1 public university on Earth (including 3 Ph.Ds).
2. A design store whose designs are in 40 million homes in 40+ nations.
3. A health website with 50 million monthly global visitors.
4. A printing press that prints 40 million pages per day.
5. A consulting firm that consults in 6 continents.

I have accomplished a lot in my life.

Bachelor of Arts degree

Certificate in Graphic Design

INFJ Personality Type

French speaker

Contact Me

Email: jason@jasoncristobal.com
Resume: PDF